At the GRIVA Board meeting on May 17, 2011, officers and committee chairs were elected and installed for the coming year.

We had no retirees or new people named to the Board. Current commitee chairs graciously agreed to continue in their positions.


The Executive Board is as follows:

Executive Board

President: Brent Morgan

1st Vice President: Pat Dickens

2nd Vice President: Cat Southworth

Recording Secretary: Charlie Dickens

Corresponding Secretary: Emily Rusk

Treasurer: Drew Hogwood


Board of Directors and Committee Responsibilities

Del Agee  (Membership)

Peter Broadbent (Library)

Charlie Dickens (Fiscal Review)

Patricia Dickens (Program)

Drew Hogwood (Nominating)

Debora Kerr (Computer)

Brent Morgan (Public Relations)

Sharon Morgan (Fall Conference)

Emily Rusk (Special Projects)

A.J. Seamons (Hospitality)

Catherine  Southworth (Field Trips)

James Triesler (News & Notes)