newsletter-frontAfter a long period of assessing the needs of our membership and GRIVA’s financial position, the society is moving forward with transitioning our newsletter to a digital format. That’s the dull part of this announcement.

Now for some fun! We are excited to invite all of you to submit articles for our new publication! We want to hear about your family research. How did you break that brick wall? Tell us about your genealogical vacation. What family history treasure did you find hidden in a box in your cousin’s garage? Did you go to a great conference? Did you use a special process or program you would like to tell us about? Everyone who does research has stories to tell. We want to feature yours in News & Notes.

Articles do not need to be lengthy. Perhaps you have a wonderful photo that you’d like to share. Just write a few sentences or a short paragraph to describe it then send it in. Have you watched an online seminar or an interesting research documentary? Tell us about it. We’d love to publish your short review. Knowing our members, we expect to see many great topics presented in a creative way.

Please submit your articles to Our newsletter editorial team will confirm receipt and acceptance of your contribution and work with you if any technical enhancements are needed (copyediting, graphics, etc.). There are no deadlines! Submit any time you have an article ready.

Ready, Set, Publish!

GRIVA would like to thank Jim Triesler and his Clover Hill High School students for their many years of work producing the paper copy of News & Notes. Sharon Garber will be taking the reins for the digital edition. The last paper/mailed edition of our periodical is at the printer (as of May 21, 2013 – ed.) and will be in your mailboxes next month.

A very limited number of printed copies will be made available to members who cannot access the Internet. If this applies to you, please write to GRIVA, P.O. Box 29178, Richmond, VA 23242-0178 to request this accommodation.