bettingerDecode Your Past Using DNA
Glen Allen High School (Note new location)

Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD
Nationally known lecturer, author and expert in genetic genealogy, the use of DNA in genealogical research, will discuss these topics:

Using Autosomal DNA to Explore Your Ancestry
In the beginning we only had Y-DNA and mtDNA to explore our genetic heritage. Now, autosomal DNA reveals far more information. Ethnicity can be estimated, long-lost cousins found, and specific genealogical problems solved.

Are You Doing Everything to Identify Your DNA Matches?
We will examine multiple techniques to identify your matches based on their profile. Then use the “In Common With” and the “Shared Matches” tools to estimate how that elusive match is related to you.

Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century Mysteries
DNA from our ancestors who lived in the 1800s, 1700s and earlier survives in their descendants. Learn how to use autosomal DNA to solve genealogical mysteries and overcome brick walls. We’ll examine case studies of how others have solved 18th and 19th century mysteries.

Using DNA Painter to Map Your DNA
DNA Painter is one of the newest third-party tools available to genealogists. An easy-to-use online service, DNA Painter enables you to assign shared DNA segments to a map of your chromosomes. This allows you to see which ancestors might have given which piece of DNA, and thus how new matches are related.

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