Executive Board

President: Aggie Gallagher
1st Vice President: Jody Raab
2nd Vice President: Marcy Elliott-Rupert
Treasurer: Sylvia Elchinger
Recording Secretary: Cindy Ames
Corresponding Secretary: Emily  Rusk

Board of Directors

Peter Broadbent
Karen Caravaglia
Gabrielle Elliott
Sharon Barden Garber
Carolyn Goudie
Shirley Haas
David Jordan
Brent Morgan
Sharon Emler Morgan
Ginny Olsen
Donna Shumate
Sherrye Ward
Paula Williams

Standing Committees

Budget and Finance – Sylvia Elchinger
Conference – Emily Rusk and Sharon Garber
Editorial/News & Notes – Sharon Garber
Membership – Emily Rusk, Sylvia Elchinger
Programs – Karen Caravaglia and Donna Shumate
Publicity – Shirley Haas
Special Projects – Carolyn Goudie
Webmaster – Sherrye Ward

Special Committees

Hospitality – Gaye Elliott
Library of Virginia and Legislative Liaison – Peter Broadbent
Social Media – Tracy Langley
GenChat – Marcy Elliott-Rupert
DNA SIG – Paula Williams
German SIG – Sylvia Elchinger

Board Material (password required)


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